How high could you go if you knew you wouldn't fall?
~~ Anonymous

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Daily Inspiration is a Free Daily Inspirational and Motivational Delivered to your Inbox or Phone by These messages are about life, people, events, wisdom, and sometimes humor. Most messages are from famous people throughout history who have made significant impacts on their own personal lives, the lives around them and the lives who were yet to come after them.

While a few messages may be religious in nature, religion is not the purpose or focus of these free daily messages. The purpose is to help each recipient to take 10 seconds out of their day to stop and read something that will give them a mental and emotional facelift. Think of it as a double latté for your spirit. A few seconds to stop, read and digest the meaning of the message and how you can apply it to your own life will have a positive impact on you for the rest of your day.

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